With Salkku Portfolio Tool it’s easy to track the performance of your portfolio. You can add transactions currency transactions with buy/sell currency pairs. Gains are automatically converted to selected portfolio currency. Portfolio performance is calculated on aggregate and annual basis.

Aggregate portfolio information in dashboard view

Dashboard view shows your all portfolios, both public and private, and their total and latest performances. Their performance graphs are shown in one common chart. Dashboard list also lists all holdings and their performances across all your portfolios.

Portfolio gains and performance calculated for portfolio and individual cryptos

Portfolio view shows detailed information about performance, currency balances and transactions. Performance chart for portfolio shows the development of portfolio relative cumulative performance over time.

Portfolio total performance is calculated in portfolio currency, which can be set during portfolio creation. Total performance is given as absolute and relative gain. Relative gain is calculated by default with TWR method. Portfolio performance is also calculated as annual CAGR performance.

Currency transactions are added as buy and sell order on currency pair

Currency transactions are processed as order with two components: buy amout and sell amount. Buy amount is the currency being bought (say, BTC for Bitcoin) and sell amount is the currency paid (say, EUR) for the purchase. Currency Portfolio converts the sell and buy amounts to portfolio currency to keep track of their performance in portfolio currency.

Try it out yourself

To try the tool for yourself, login to see the dashboard view. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register and try out the tool for free.